About X-Habie Crew Linux

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X-Habie Crew Linux
Distro Linux xhabie-crew adalah salah satu distro linux yang merupakan turunan ubuntu based dan menggunakan GNOME sebagai Desktop Environtmentnya. distro xhabie-crew di bangun dengan bertujuan untuk “penetration testing system”. xhabie-crew di desain untuk memperlajari seluk beluk hacking dan juga untuk para praktisi security system.

Sejarah X-Habie Crew (Team Security Auditor)
X-Habie crew adalah salah satu comunitas untuk berbagi ilmu komputer, internet dan hacking. komunitas ini di bentuk terutama untuk kalangan yang ingin belajar seputar dunia I.T. Nama X-habie sendiri berasal dari seluruh rekan anggota x-habie yang sama-sama ingin membangun suatu komunitas bersama-sama yang memiliki arti sebagai "Extreme Hacker Newbie". X-habie sendiri di bentuk berawal dari para pelajar SMAN DI JAMBI sekitar tahun 2009. saat itu hanya ada beberapa rekan yang mendukung dan tergabung untuk ikut serta memajukan komunitas ini, namun seiring waktu berjalan x-habie dan bersama rekan-rekan anggota terus mengembangkan ide-ide kreatif untuk terus memajukan kominitas ini.

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Trimensional application, iPhone 3D Scanner

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Did you ever think to create a homemade 3D display? If so, you need not bother to use any device or software that are expensive just to create a 3D view only. The reason there is now iPhone-based Trimensional application that helps you to create yourself in making 3D displays are interesting. And to get even this application, you simply pay for reportedly only 1 USD.

Trimensional versi 1.02, With this application, you certainly can turn your iPhone into a 3D scanner. And in this latest software update, allows you 3D model can be transformed into an animation video. And even the

Trimensional application, iPhone 3D Scanner

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Opera 11.10, fast & efficient Internet browsing

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Most of us when her internet may not have access to the internet / web faster. It could be because the internet provider we use, when using Wi-Fi access on the network is busy or does the web accessible to large size. There are tips that we can try to speed up Internet access (websites) at once can save money using the Internet using Opera.

Speed ​​access a website it depends by many factors, especially the internet provider we use. Like for example if we only use the GPRS connection is a great website access will be very slow. The flurry of web access and influence, more and more

Opera 11.10, fast & efficient Internet browsing

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Android Market Channel from Sony Ericsson

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To facilitate its users find the applications that are compatible with the device, reportedly Sony Ericsson recently has made a recent breakthrough with the release of the Android Market Channel service for the first time. Portal channel itself is equipped with a host of features aimed specifically at users provide Sony Ericsson Android with a more enhanced experience, including the recommendation that one of them is the option to find the original application that comes from Sony Ericsson or to access other exclusive game.

The existence of the new features available on this

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